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And Breathe...

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Breath Alignment Practice

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Throughout my training and career, I have studied various practitioners and acquired an array of  techniques involving the power of the breath and its importance in performance, vocal health and your overall wellbeing. I have now tailored a programme which utilises these techniques in a very specific way, to allow you to release and align and bring you into a state of relaxation, connection and readiness. This process will help you access the power of your breath and will teach you how to use it in an effective way, enhancing  your performance, cultivating confidence and giving you the foundation to achieve your goals.

We will explore posture and alignment, release work and what it means to establish your natural connection and I will guide you through various breathing techniques that will not only enhance your chosen practice but will vastly improve your experiences in everyday life as a whole.

Whether you just want to relax and align or you want to use these techniques to contribute to a larger goal, you are welcome to contact me for further details or to book an appointment and I would be delighted to guide you through the process.

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