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Children and Young People


Given that a young person's voice is growing and changing before reaching puberty, vocal production work is not necessarily advised at this stage. However, young actors may be asked to perform in an accent other than their own and as such, may require coaching. I work with children as young as eight to help them achieve their chosen dialect. The techniques are much the same as working with adults but the sessions are tailored to make it engaging and fun for the young person and to help them find the sounds and changes in mouth movement with ease. They will be coached in the main vowel and consonant positions and accurate speech and intonation patterns of their key target accent. In addition, they will be given fun handouts and helpful audio-visual aids. The target accent can also be applied directly to any audition or performance text.

Dialects Offered Include: American-Standard, American-California, American-New York, American-Southern States, Australian, Central Scottish, Cockney, Edinburgh, Essex, Fife, Glasgow, Highlands, Liverpool, London, Northern, Scottish-Standard, Yorkshire, RP and RP Varieties.

Topics Covered Include:

  • Regular practice of key tongue, lip and mouth positions on target vowels and consonants

  • Key vowels of the target accent

  • Key consonants of the target accent

  • Practice material

  • Transposition of target accent into audio/visual assist for auditions and castings

  • Intonation patterns of the key target accent.

  • TV and audio-visual examples and recommendations

  • Skype sessions


Occasionally, I will provide drama based workshops for children and young people and have worked with age groups as young as three years old. With over ten years experience, working as a drama facilitator for various youth theatre organisations, as well as working in various schools in relation to theatre in education or as a guest tutor; I can offer bespoke, tailor made sessions to suit your choice age group. Whether you are a youth organisation, looking for a specialist session with a drama based facilitator or are looking to incorporate weekly drama sessions and are in need of a tutor or you may be a parent, looking for a one off drama session for your child and friends; I can tailor sessions to suit the needs of your group, thus creating something engaging, that will build confidence and social skills, whilst encouraging creativity and imagination, and most importantly allow them to have fun!


It is advisable to keep within the following age ranges:

  • 3-5 years

  • 6-7 years

  • 8-10 years

  • 11-14 years

  • 16+

Dialect Coaching for Child Actors

Training Options:




Individual sessions, tailored to suit the needs and current skill set of each young person.

All sessions typically take place via Skype for your own comfort and ease and Skype details are provided in your payment confirmation email, after booking.

There are additional costs for recording material out-with your sessions for the purposes of auditions/castings which may arise. Contact me for pricing details relating to this.

Group sessions are currently not available for this particular specialism.

Workshop Sessions:


All sessions take place at a studio location or at a reasonable space within your premises, if you are an organisation, for your convenience.


You can book a one hour session or a half day session and the maximum number for group sessions is 25. Please contact me for further details and pricing.

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