Q. How much does tuition cost?

A: Lessons are taught in hour long sessions and the current rate is £75 p/h for adult *in-person and online sessions and £45 p/h for those under 16 years. Pre-Paid block bookings of up to 6 sessions per block are also available. Concessions may be available to certain individuals, due to my 'pay it forward scheme'. Please contact me for further information.

*operating online only at the present time.

Q: What does this include?

A: Bespoke preparation, tuition and handout materials (exercises, audio and/or video guides, etc).


See below for the most popular FAQ's. If you can't find what you are looking for then please don't hesitate to contact me with your enquiry!

Q: Where does this take place?

A: Vocal production and presentation sessions are always done as *in-person appointments, these are carried out in a suitable studio space at my own studio in Glasgow. Workshop sessions will be carried out at the most appropriate studio space to meet the needs of the group/company. Dialect and accent softening sessions are done via Skype or your preferred online platform, so no travel is required and clients can enjoy the session from the comfort of their own home. All studio space and online skype sessions will be confirmed with full details of location/skype details in advance of the session, upon receipt of payment.

*In person sessions have been adapted to suit an online format for the time being.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: Voice work is highly subjective and individual responses to the material vary greatly. You should expect to work on your voice for up to a year for results to become second nature. With some clients, I have noted a vast shift within 3-6 months so you will see notable results as you progress through your continued efforts. Many people continue with voice practise for years.

Q: How often do I need to attend sessions?

A: Tuition is tailor made for each individual and thus varies. Some clients come weekly, others fortnightly, many come once a month. What is essential however, is regular practise. Voice work requires willpower and commitment: so I would advise daily practise in between our sessions, whether that be for 10 or 20 minutes each day, it will make a difference and practice material will be assigned to you.

Q: I want to sound like Emma Stone/Tom Hardy/Judi Dench/Sir Ian McKellen. Can you promise I will get the voice I want?

A: People respond to voice work in their own way. I have no magic wand and don't guarantee you will end up with the voice you expect but I will work with you to get the best out of your voice and find positive results.

Q: I have a serious stammer/vocal fry/acid reflux/dysphonia/dysarthria, etc. Can you cure me?

A: I am not a speech and language therapist. Serious vocal complaints should be referred to a medical practitioner immediately.

Q: Where can I see you perform?

A: Notices will be placed on this website announcing details of forthcoming appearances. You can refer to the actor section of this site and the voice over section for updated credits and media.