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Presentations & Public Speaking


Public Speaking Training

Helping you to be a confident, grounded, engaging, highly skilled and passionate presenter so that you reach your full potential and become the best you can possibly be!

For most people - even experienced presenters - getting up and presenting in front of an audience can be a terrifying, anxiety inducing and sometimes phobic experience.

All of these issues can be quickly and painlessly worked on at an individual, personal level, leading to impressive results.


You may be someone who is new to presentation and want to understand just what happens to you when you have to stand and deliver and how you can become a confident and effective presenter.


You may have previous presentation experience and are in a rut, giving acceptable, but not quite brilliant presentations.


You may have to present detailed and technical information and worry about being engaging. Presenting detailed information may be important but if the presenter's audience isn't engaged then the job of putting across information becomes even harder.

In addition, you may have individuals who have to:


  • Give Key Note Speeches

  • Make Presentations at Conference

  • Pitch Crucial Client Presentations

  • Make Boardroom Presentations

  • Pitch Ideas Internally

  • Talk to the Public or Media

  • Make Sales Presentations

All of these really important presenting occasions can benefit from one-to-one coaching and/or group sessions.

The most common presentation skills issues:

  • Nervousness

  • Poor structure

  • Lack of preparation

  • Presentation is too long

  • Monotonous delivery

  • Over-detailed visuals

  • Reliance on PowerPoint

  • Obvious reading

  • Odd gestures or behaviours

  • Repetitive Verbal 'tics' or patterns

  • Poor question and answer session


Training Options:


Individual sessions, tailored to suit your needs and current skill set.

All sessions take place at my studio in Glasgow.


In-depth, hands-on, highly individual, tailored programmes, offering delegates a chance to take a focused look at very specific issues.

All sessions take place at a studio location or at a reasonable space within your business premises, for your convenience.


You can book a half day or full day session and the maximum number of delegates is 25. Please contact me for further details and pricing.

Every time you have to present – whether to a large audience, in a board meeting, sitting around a table or to a group of colleagues – you have the opportunity to make a powerful and memorable impact.


Presentation training helps you understand the presenting 'arena' so you can feel more in charge of it. Once you feel more in charge, you gain in confidence, and from that confident place you can then learn techniques to become an engaging and knowledgeable presenter.

In my sessions, the main aim is to show that presentation is a whole body experience and with grounding, breath work, vocal production and developing presentation skills with regard to preparation, pitching, understanding body language, etc., you develop the techniques necessary to help you gain confidence and be in a position to make dynamic, lively, outstanding and effective presentations that engage and connect with your target audience.

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