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Vocal Production


People, by their very nature are noise making. The anatomy has evolved to create meaning by vibrating air. You must understand the mechanics of your voice in order to train most effectively.


Whether you are an experienced actor with previous vocal training or a complete novice, we will work together to assess your needs and where best to begin our work. 


All human sound production starts with breathing so a big part of our work will start with breath, diaphragmatic breathing and breath control. 


Vocal production is a whole body experience and we will connect breath and body, utilising certain techniques to bring the best out in your voice in a healthy, sustainable way. 


Breath is voice - breathing correctly is at the core of vocal work and forms the basis from which to work. The more you understand your body and breath habits, the more control you will have over your speaking tone.


Strengthen and develop your pitch variety and vocal control. Discover effective projection and ensure you can sustain your voice and that it can be adapted for any performance space in a healthy way. Learn the tequniques necessary to avoid damaging your voice. 


Good diction is often vital for performers. A big part of your process is being able to convey characters thoughts and feelings. Often a performer is required to work on a variety of styles of text in different settings. We will focus on developing your speech to bring about strong articulation, whilst working on a variety of styles of text.

Topics covered include:

  • Relaxation

  • Vocal Anatomy: produce a strong, open sound

  • Alignment: optimal posture

  • Breath Support: support the diaphragm efficiently

  • Breath Capacity: undertaking lengthy speeches without top-up breaths

  • Vocal Anatomy: Know your tool kit and how the larynx and vocal tract work in order to produce good tone and alter pitch

  • Release: Learn how to relax the muscles around the larynx and jaw in order to free yourself from unwanted tension which might be inhibiting your sound

  • Sounding: Develop a free, flexible tone suitable for a variety of character voices, exploring the musicality of your voice and applying it to text

  • Power: Explore resonance by projecting your sound, develop depth, command and authority

  • Articulation: Enhanced attention on clear speech and expressive language use.


Dramatic material and storytelling are then called upon as devices through which to inspire and enhance the sensorial experience of form, structure, rhythm, tempo, and dynamic variety.

Vocal Production for Actors

Training Options:


Individual sessions, tailored to suit your needs and current skill set.

All sessions take place at a studio location in Glasgow.


In-depth, hands-on, highly individual, tailored programmes, often focusing on a specific area of voice work, be that a breath works class or voice & text workshop, whatever specialist area you wish to work on, this offers participants a chance to take a focused look at very specific issues in relationship to vocal production.

All sessions take place at a studio location or at a reasonable space within the premises of your group/organisation, for your convenience.


You can book a half day or full day session and the maximum number of participants is 20. Please contact me for further details and pricing.

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