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Vocal Production


Whilst most performers will have a keen sense of voice, it can sometimes be quite daunting for those in the corporate sector to bring focus to this area but by doing so, you will gain more confidence, authority, power and presence when you speak. You will learn specific vocal techniques and gain practical tips so that you can fully develop your vocal potential. 

Topics covered include:


  • Breath: diaphragmatic breathing, breath control, capacity & support 

  • Tension: release & posture work

  • Range: a more dynamic and expressive way in everyday speech.

  • Projection: develop a grounded powerful sound.

  • Performance: learn to deliver speeches, overcome anxiety and nerves

Aspects of presentation skills will be incorporated into this work as well as articulation and elocution, if needed. 

Vocal Training for Business

Training Options:

One-To-One Vocal Training for Business


Individual sessions, tailored to suit your needs and current skill set.

All sessions take place at a studio location in Glasgow.

Group Vocal Training for Business


In-depth, hands-on, highly individual, tailored programmes, offering delegates a chance to take a focused look at very specific issues.

All sessions take place at a studio location or at a reasonable space within your business premises, for your convenience.


You can book a half day or full day session and the maximum number of delegates is 25. Please contact me for further details and pricing.

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