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Presentations & Public Speaking


Typical Wedding Speeches Include:




However there are variations depending on the type of ceremony and others can often be asked to speak. There are occasions for there to be a 'Master of Ceremonies' for example or the maid of honour can also sometimes be asked to speak. The bride herself, may also wish to break with convention and propose a toast. Whatever the circumstances in which you are asked to speak on such a special occasion, I can help you put together a speech that you are comfortable with and help you rehearse your delivery. Good preparation helps even the most nervous speaker. The best way to control nerves is to know that you have put together a great speech and have learned how you want to deliver it.


It’s your role as father of the bride, groom, best man, chosen speaker, to add to this special day by saying a few well-chosen words in a humorous and heartfelt manner. Reassure yourself that this is truly one of the few times in public speaking when the audience is on your side and wishes you well.

These speeches are a key part of any wedding and we all want to enjoy them. Why spoil one of the most important days of your life by worrying about it? Let's work together to make it flow with ease so you can enjoy the day by making your speech a wonderful part of the celebrations.

Group Sessions for Wedding Speeches
Wedding Speeches Help

As 'Master of Ceremonies' at a recent wedding ceremony

Training Options:


Individual sessions, tailored to suit your needs.

All sessions take place at my studio in Glasgow.


Group sessions can be arranged for all those in your wedding party who have been asked to speak. This can be a fun way of bringing your speakers together to enhance their speeches for the big day.

All sessions take place at a studio location nearest you for your convenience.

The maximum number of speakers for group sessions is 5. Please contact me for further details and pricing.

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