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I am an actor and vocal performer, specialising in Acting Coaching, Vocal Production, Voice Over Skills Preparation, Presentation Skills Training,  Accent & Dialect Coaching and Accent Softening & Elocution. I believe that everything starts with breath and I engage the power of breath and connection within all the areas of my work so I have developed the Breath Alignment Practice, which establishes release and relaxation, cultivating presence and connection, to allow you to reach a state of readiness, giving you the best approach into the process, allowing you to better achieve your goals. I am based in Glasgow and also work online, tailoring all sessions to suit your needs.

COVID 19 statement:

For the continued safety and well-being of all my students, I have reassessed my studio practices and adapted them for an online format so whilst all studio appointments are currently postponed, progress can continue online. If you would like to book an online appointment with me, online booking is in operation, as normal. I look forward to continuing my work with you and hope you are all safe and well. 

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