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Kirsty Strain - Coaching Services


Own your story! Have the impact you want in every situation! Communicate with genuine presence! It’s time to find your voice and step into your worthiness and uniqueness to be confidently you!


Whatever discipline you wish to work with, my sessions are tailored specifically for you. It is a completely bespoke service where we work together so you can show up and express yourself freely and fully in every moment. We dig deep, realign and reconnect so that you can be present and show up for yourself and others, achieving your goals with effortless ease. You will be supported and guided through a process designed to lead you to look forward to communicating and result in you engaging effectively and successfully in any scenario.

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Communications Coaching
Kirsty Strain Coaching Services

Empowering you to communicate and lead with presence, passion and purpose. Whether it’s a pitch, a presentation, a performance, a one-to-one meeting, whether you are speaking to a large arena full of people or to an individual, it’s all a conversation and it’s all relational. I will guide you through a supportive and sustainable process, designed specifically for you to achieve your goals. 


For most people - even experienced communicators, leaders and presenters - getting up and presenting in front of an audience or communicating effectively in certain scenarios can be a terrifying, anxiety inducing and sometimes phobic experience.


All of these issues can be quickly and painlessly worked on at an individual, personal level, leading to impressive results.









Kirsty Strain Coaching Services
Kirsty Strain Coaching Services
Breath Alignment Practice


Working with your breath and bringing you into alignment and presence through a series of practices that will provide you with a tool kit that optimises you for speaking as well as enhancing your wellbeing; improving many different areas of your life and skills development. 

Vocal Production


Developing a full, free, flexible and expressive use of the vocal instrument through exploration and exercises in relaxation, alignment, respiration, phonation, support, registration, resonation and articulation. Giving you full command of your voice to speak with effortless ease in any scenario.

Dialect Coaching, Accent Softening and Elocution


Assisting actors with specific dialects for a casting or role, accent softening either to assist those where English is a second language or for those with strong regional accents who wish to become more neutral and elocution for those who wish to have better diction and more well rounded clarity.

Voice Over Training


Whether you are preparing a demo reel or want to prepare or enhance your work in audiobooks, narration, games and/or animation. I will guide you on how to get the best out of your voice and work within this sector with confidence and ease.

Acting Coaching


Whether you are working on audition technique, self taping, character development, acting for camera, script analysis, preparing for stage or screen, I will work with you on a 1-2-1 basis, tailoring sessions specifically to suit your needs, helping you find your truth in performance, developing your skills, allowing you to approach your work with absolute confidence.

Children & Young People Kirsty Strain Coaching Services


Whether it's to increase confidence or to improve vocal clarity and diction or to work specifically with child actors on a particular dialect or for acting coaching, sessions are tailor made to suit the individual and there's a safe, fun and engaging space designed for young people to achieve their goals and develop transferrable skills.


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"Kirsty has a genuine passion for seeing her clients improve and unlocking their full potential through the use of the voice, breath and speaking with purpose.”

Dr Daniel Donachie BVMS MRCVS

Communications Coaching

  • How much does tuition cost?
    There are various pricing plans depending on which service you are looking for and whether you choose to do single hour long sessions, make a pre-paid block booking or are looking for a bespoke seminar or training session for a group engagement. There are pricing plans to accommodate students and young artists and packages that are tailored to suit larger corporate clientele. Please contact me for further information on which package and plan is right for you.
  • What does this include?
    All sessions are tailored specifically to suit each individual so you would receive bespoke preparation, tuition and handout materials (exercises, audio and/or video guides, etc) and all clients will receive email, text and/or voice note support between sessions, as well as feedback and review of their practice. Guest seminars, workshops and speaking events are also all fully bespoke, to suit your requirements.
  • Where do sessions take place?
    Communications Training, Acting, Breath Alignment Practice, Vocal Production and Presentation sessions can be done as in-person appointments, these are carried out in a suitable studio or office space but they are also achieved online. Dialect and Elocution sessions are done via Google Meet or your preferred online platform, so no travel is required and clients can enjoy the session from the comfort of their own home. All studio space and online sessions will be confirmed with full details of location or online details in advance of the session, upon receipt of payment. Corporate in-person sessions are held in a location provided by the client at the time of booking.
  • How many sessions will I need?
    Each area I work in is highly subjective and individual responses to the material vary greatly. With some clients, I have noted a vast shift within 3-6 months so you will see notable results as you progress through your continued efforts. I have some clients who continue work with me longterm, doing check-in sessions, even after they have achieved their initial goals.
  • How often do I need to attend sessions?
    Tuition is tailor made for each individual and so it varies. Some clients attend weekly, others fortnightly, many come once a month. What is essential however, is regular practise. Each area requires commitment: so I would advise daily practise in between our sessions, whether that be for 10 or 20 minutes each day, it will make a difference and practice material will be assigned to you.
  • Who can benefit from Communications Coaching and Public Speaking Training?
    This is suitable for individuals at any stage of their speaking journey, including professionals, executives, public speakers, and anyone looking to improve their communications skills and confidence.
  • What industries and team sizes can benefit from Communications Coaching and Public Speaking Training?
    I can work with teams of various sizes and across a wide range of sectors. My holistic, bespoke approach ensures that each team’s specific needs and challenges are addressed so that my coaching is helpful and is an enhancement for businesses in any industry.
  • Can you help with stage fright and anxiety?
    Absolutely! The skills and techniques I work with are designed to address common challenges such as stage fright and anxiety. As we build confidence and develop effective coping strategies, we can refine communication and presentation skills, so you can overcome your fears and communicate effectively in any scenario.
  • What is the Breath Alignment Practice?
    Breath Alignment Practice is a series of exercises that involve release work and it utilises the power of the breath to establish a body and breath connection, allowing you to reach a state of readiness for your chosen key area, to bring you into presence, relaxation and groundedness. It teaches you how to work with your breath and brings you into alignment. You can download my services brochure for more details.
  • Can you get me cast in acting roles or presenting jobs?
    I’m not an agent or casting director so my role as your coach will be to guide you towards being the best you can be in your chosen field and to help you to be fully prepared for any audition or opportunity that may arise. When talent meets preparation and opportunity, success is achieved and you will be better positioned for any job you do get by working on your craft and honing your skills.
  • I want to sound like Emma Stone/Tom Hardy/Judi Dench/Sir Ian McKellen. Can you promise I will get the voice I want?
    People respond to voice work in their own way. There’s no magic wand and I don't guarantee you will end up with the voice you expect but I will work with you to get the best out of your voice and find positive results.
  • I have a serious stammer/vocal fry/acid reflux/dysphonia/dysarthria, etc. Can you cure me?
    I am not a speech and language therapist. Serious vocal complaints should be referred to a medical practitioner immediately.
  • What’s the age range for your clients?
    In terms of young people, it’s 8 years + and I have no upper age limit.
  • Where can I see you perform?
    Notices will be placed on the website announcing details of any forthcoming appearances. You can refer to the actor section of the site and the voice over section for updated credits and media.
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