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Professional actor techniques to help you communicate with confidence.

Why Use My Services?


Very often, for most people, the prospect of public speaking or making a presentation can be somewhat daunting. Using simple techniques, I work with my clients in a safe and supportive environment, helping them to allay their fears and control their nerves.

Using techniques from my actor training, I help clients to rediscover their voices. I coach clients in understanding how audiences receive and retain information and show them how to inspire and connect with their audience.


Public speaking is engaging and connected and rooted in the strength of the speaker. If you are able to engage and connect with what you are talking about, your audience will immediately follow suit. Much of my training with regard to public speaking focuses on helping you understand how you present yourself and how you can use your own physicality and personality to enrich a presentation and bring what's needed to your voice to captivate your audience. 


Whether you are an individual looking to improve the quality of their voice for the purposes of public speaking, making presentations or to assist with sales technique or you are a performer looking for additional vocal training; perhaps you wish to work on a specific speech or monologue or you simply want to improve your vocal skills: all of this involves specific techniques which form the basis of your continued vocal practice and your approach to using your voice. Our work begins with the recognition and release of constricting and tension-related habits that impede the full, free, flexible, and expressive use of the vocal instrument. This release and recognition is achieved through exploration and exercises in relaxation, alignment, respiration, phonation, support, registration, resonation, and articulation. We would then progress onto placing enhanced attention on clear speech and expressive language use. Dramatic material and storytelling are then called upon as devices through which to inspire and enhance the sensorial experience of form, structure, rhythm, tempo, and dynamic variety.


Assisting actors with specific dialects for a casting or role, accent softening either to assist those where English is a second language or for those with strong regional accents who wish to become more neutral and elocution for those who wish to have better diction and more well rounded clarity.


Whether it's to increase confidence in a workshop setting amongst other children & young people of a similar age or one-to-one sessions to improve vocal clarity and diction or working specifically with child actors on a particular dialect, sessions are tailor made to suit the individual/s and there's a safe space in which to work to achieve the results you want.


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