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As a professionally trained actor, I have worked in film, television, theatre and voice over building up a wonderful level of experience over the last 15 years. 


Highlights include Outlander, Guilt, Annika, Doctors, Burnistoun and theatre performances in The Edinburgh Playhouse, The Gaiety Theatre, Eden Court, His Majesty's Theatre, Citizens Theatre and Tron Theatre. I have received awards and nominations for Echoes That Remain, Snapshot and Learning Magic.


Dirty Water can be seen on the STV player now!


A full list of credits can be found here.


As a Voice Over Artist and Specialist, I work in narration, commercial, audiobooks, character/animation, gaming and ADR. Credits and voice samples can be found here.


During my training, I discovered a keen interest in the voice and realised my own vocal potential. As such, I chose to extend my actor training into certain specialised electives in vocal production and dialects. Throughout my work as an actor, particularly in the area of voice over, my experience has allowed me to put a number of techniques to use in delivering exacting performances and I carry these skills and strategies over into my coaching services. 


In my 8 years coaching individuals, teams and senior leaders, I recognise the importance of presence. When you are aligned with yourself and your purpose and you come into ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’ or ‘showing’, then you are present with others and that’s when you have true and honest connection and that’s what makes for really effective communication. Whether it’s for public speaking or to enhance communication skills, the strategies I work with offer you the opportunity to align with your true purpose and let you be genuine and engaging with others so you can be wholly present and in the moment with each other, communicating your truth and intentions with ease. 


I believe that everything starts with breath and I engage the power of breath and connection within all the areas of my work so I have developed the Breath Alignment Practice which establishes release and relaxation, cultivating presence and connection, to allow you to reach a state of readiness, giving you the best approach into the process, allowing you to better achieve your goals. I like to establish this foundation for every person I work with so you will be introduced to aspects within this process upon beginning work with me.


I work with you, tailoring sessions to offer a bespoke service to work with the whole person, allowing you to find your voice, to be present and to be confidently you.

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Whether you’re looking to improve internal communication, enhance sales pitches, encourage teams or individuals within your business to communicate with impact or to optimise overall performance, my interactive workshops, seminars and one-to-one sessions provide a bespoke and collaborative environment, designed to nurture and develop essential communication and presentation skills. 


If you are looking to advance your leadership skills, sessions are tailored for senior executives, entrepreneurs, politicians and all those in high level management areas to explore your particular challenges and goals, to meet your opportunities with effortless ease and allow you to rise to meet your full potential, bringing a strong and commanding presence to every interaction. Together, we’ll optimise your leadership communication skills so that you inspire and motivate with confidence.

“Working with Kirsty was always a fascinating experience for me. I had no idea how much I would learn about myself during the process. Her depth of knowledge on each subject is truly exceptional and I recommend her to everyone because it took my career to great heights, along with my confidence. Once I was free from any limitations I had with my voice, I was able to feel confident when I started my podcast. Fast forward to now and I have found myself being booked as a motivational keynote speaker for large companies and presenting daily with my mindset and life coaching business. Once I knew how important my voice was, the sky is the limit. I am forever grateful.” 

Amanda Trainer

Communications Coaching


Be Confidently You!

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