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About Me

As a professionally trained actor, I have worked in various areas of film, television, theatre and voice over. During my training, I discovered a keen interest in the voice and realised my own vocal potential. As such, I chose to extend my actor training into certain specialised electives in vocal production and dialects. Throughout my work as an actor, particularly in the area of voice over, my experience has allowed me to put a number of techniques to use in delivering exacting performances and developing character voices, where necessary; for example in my work with visual artist Rachel Maclean or when voicing Bedlam, the game created by Christopher Brookmyre and RedBedlam. 

Having been approached to coach many other actors and to work with some clients in the corporate sector, I recognised the importance of one-to-one, tailored sessions with clients and this is now at the heart of the service I provide.

I believe that everything starts with breath and I engage the power of breath and connection within all the areas of my work so I have developed the Breath Alignment Practice which establishes release and relaxation, cultivating presence and connection, to allow you to reach a state of readiness, giving you the best approach into the process, allowing you to better achieve your goals. I like to establish this foundation for every person I work with so whether you choose to take the Breath Works Intensive or not, you will be introduced to aspects within this process upon beginning work with me.

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